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Video Game Reviews

January 22, 2009

Im making a site for video game reviews. There might be some cheats. Im not sure though. Suggest a game! Updates later (when i make site)


January 19, 2009

Freezingred2 has decided to make a new website. The site is the same as the one he has now. He will keep some Club Penguin stuff. But it will mostly be video game reviews and stragetys. There will be some cheats. Thats all visit!

Im back and pin

January 16, 2009

I know I have been gone for a long time but not I’m comming back to Club Penguin. I have been playing ROBLOX. Its a game where you can build anything you can think of! The only thing is that you have to download it. The website is If you like the build with legos then check this game out! You dont have to create an account, just play as a guest. There are weapons and killing games. So I guess its only for kids 11 and up. My username is Cpdude435. I usually am on games or building stuff for people. ROBLOX will upgrade so when the site shuts down they are upgrading it. The money on ROBLOX is Tickets and Robux. Earn 10 Tickets a day for just being there. If your a member you get 15 Robux a day.

In other news the new pin is a Taco heres a picture, its at the snow forts



November 21, 2008


Playing the Card-Jitsu game will start you on the path of your ninja training. The more you play, the closer you値l get to mastering the game and discovering what being a ninja in Club Penguin is all about. When you go to The Dojo, talk to the Sensei and he値l give you a deck of cards to use. There are three modes of play:

Friend Mode: You can have friendly competition with other penguins by clicking on the blue mats inside The Dojo. You値l gain some experience points through this mode.

Competition Mode: The Sensei will match you with another player of similar skill level. You値l gain the most experience points in this mode of play.

Sensei Mode: You can challenge the Sensei at any belt level, but when you beat him at the black belt level (level 9), you値l be rewarded with special online items!

Don稚 forget that if you have the new Club Penguin Trading Cards, you can click on the Unlock Items Online icon to enter your unique code. It will enhance your online game play. And if you need help with the game, you can go to talk to the Sensei inside The Dojo.

To beat the Sensi you must have the BLACK belt. Challange him about 11 times then he will lose! The he will give you a ninja mask. After that go to the Dojo Courtyard and by the entrance there is a little ston path. Follow that to the wall with writing on it. Then your in the secret room! Note: ONLY NINJAS CAN GET IN.


Belts in inventory (No white)


Here is a ninja:



October 31, 2008

Time: 5:30 pst – 7:00 pst

Place: Freezingred2 igloo

Server: Hibernate

CompHelpVideos (Agian)

October 26, 2008

I am CompHelpVideos. Today I want to tell you about my new webiste. Its like YouTube only I run it. If you do Computer Help Videos the come on over and join. They can be for Windows XP, Vista, Mac, Lunix, and so on. They don’t have to be related to Club Penguin. In fact I really don’t want any CP videos on there. So go over and create a CompHelpVideos account (Only if you do Computer Help Videos!) My other website is



Party Hat!

October 25, 2008