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CP Mail Logo

May 31, 2008
Hello Penguins!
I hope all of you who received the CPIP Server Test thank you item are enjoying it! There’s been a lot of talk recently about the release of the new features and I want to give you an update on all of them, but to make it easier, we’re going to focus on one per post. 
First–and the feature I’m most excited about–is Penguin Mail. A couple of weeks ago I talked briefly about an update to the postcard system. If you missed that post, you can check it out in the archives of this blog. 
The team has been working really hard on this feature.

Here’s the logo they’re playing with. 
It will also be way easier because you be able to send buddies a postcard even if they are not logged in, and you’ll also be able to delete and SAVE your mail.
As always, we would love to know what you think.  So keep up the feedback–it helps a lot!
I’ll have more info on Penguin Mail, the new player card and login next week

CPIP item released! (and winners announced)

May 31, 2008
The CPIP item looks like this:
Hello Penguins!

There were some great winning igloos announced in the Club Penguin Times on Thursday (and even more winners than I had originally heard there were going to be!) And the winning stories for the Book Contest were added to the Book Room today!! 
Be sure to check them out–the book is called Penguin Tales Spring ’08. All three of the stories are really creative and fun to read. Congratulations to Sammysays,Chochypop, and Lolliepops10 for winning!  There were a lot of submissions for this contest, and a lot of good stories to choose from–hopefully in the future we can have more contests!
Let us know what you think of the stories and the contests we had this week!
In other news: Some of you are wondering where the red construction helmet came from that some penguins are wearing. It is a special thank you gift given to penguins who helped with the Server Test in March on the Club Penguin Improvement Project CPIP). It’s only for those who helped with the test. If you’ve only just heard about CPIP now, go to to find out about it.