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February 29, 2008

 Rule 1: If weve hidden a pin in a room, we wont hide another pin in that room for at least two months.

Rule 2: We wont hide a pin in the Town Center. That room is the busiest room in Club Penguin.

Rule 3: We wont hide a pin in the HQ. Not all penguins are agents, so they wouldnt get to go there.

Rule 4: A pin wont be hidden on Rockhoppers Ship. Rockhopper doesn’t usually stay for two weeks, and we don’t want him to leave with the pin!

Rule 5: We try not to hide a pin in the same place twice. The next time a pin comes to the Cove, we’re not going to hide it on the log by the bonfire.

Rule 6: Pins usually look like something related to a recent update.